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Project N-Smash is a new fanon project I am working on. The project is a new SSB spriting game that will be made in GameMaker (hopefully, if it works...). Updates on new character ideas and profiles will be updated weekly in User blog:Orange Yoda (my blog). If you have any questions, or you have suggestions, please go User talk:Orange Yoda (<-- there). Thank You for taking the time to read this very log description, and I hope that you will help me build my wiki so I can always look back when I make the game. The game might be made (Tentive Alert!) in late 2010-mid 2011. Once again, I thank you for reading this description and HAPPY EDITING!

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  • October 05, 2009
  • This wiki, and the first pages are created!

What are Rumor pages?

Your suggestions could go here, though if they're really important suggestions, like modes, please post them on here. Thank You!

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